What is Natives to Be?

Natives to Be is an online platform to learn languages talking with native speakers from all over the world through video conference. This way, you will improve your level in the language you choose while you speak it.

When you decide to learn a language, one important thing you should not miss in your study are conversations with native speakers. Practicing a language is essential to get the fluency you need.

For that reason, Natives to Be offers you an online community that allows you to talk to native speakers in a pleasant and simple way, while you acquire new knowledge and improve your language skills.

All our teachers are non-professional native speakers, so you will forget that it is a lesson. Lessons will have a relaxed, smooth and friendly atmosphere.

Do you want to start learning languages by talking now?

If you want to join Natives to Be, you just have to sign up, look for the teacher that best meets your preferences and interests, and book the day you want to talk to him/her. It’s that easy!

You can also become a teacher and help other people to learn your language so they get fluent in any conversation while you earn some extra money.

What does Natives to Be give you?

Flexibility and a wide variety

You choose the time and day that better suit your needs to talk to our teachers. Also, the lessons are 18 minutes long, so it will be much easier for you to organise.

You can practise a language by connecting with native speakers from all over the world so you will discover different accents. No conversation will be too difficult for you!

Thanks to our search engine, you can find native teachers from anywhere in the world to learn languages by talking about your favourite topics.

Different topics to talk about

Learning a language by talking about what you like the most? Sure! Through our search engine, you can choose teachers with the same interests as you so that you will talk about your favourite topics in a different language
Find a teacher

Natives to Be is perfect for you if…

  • You like to get along with people that share your interests.
  • You want to improve your listening skills in a different language and be able to have conversations about various topics.
  • You want to practise a new language and know other cultures without leaving home.
  • You are willing to become a teacher and talk to other people so they can improve their speaking skills.

Sign up now and learn languages by talking!